Monday, March 29, 2010

Sprung and Mobbed...Crop Mobbed that is

Well everyone it looks as if has Spring has Sprung for REAL.

The peep frogs are going to town, the yellow AND white Daffodils are bloomed but not stunted from being snowed on while forming after a falsely hopeful warm spell. We have a goose sitting on 6 eggs, nests of ducks eggs everywhere,
even the guineas are getting in the swing of things.
I found 2 of their eggs in this duck nest earlier today.
Saturday we had 3 dozen duck eggs to sell at Market.
This being a continuation of our grant work from last year.
Thanks again to Slow Foods St. Louis.

The greenhouse is overflowing with plants. Heirloom tomatoes, and a few hybrids, Brandywines, Paul Robesons, Black from Tula, Green Zebra, Pink Oxheart, Moonglow, Golden Jubilee, Pink Stuffers, Lemon Boy, Early Girl, Mortgage Lifter, Plum Tigris, Amish Paste, Black Plum and Thai Pink Turtle Egg are just the tip of the iceberg for Plants to sell at this Spring and fruit for later in the season.

Soon to go into the ground are trays of Broccoli and Cabbage. Which brings us to our most exciting subject. Mark your calendars because on April 10th, Sunflower Savannah is going to be mobbed! Crop Mobbed that is. A lot of you have probably been reading about Crop mobbing. Recently in North Carolina, now a new group has started in Missouri. Pat Quigley is the leader of the first Missouri Crop Mobbers and we - he and our farm are looking for volunteers to come and work on Sunflower Savannah for 4 or 5ish hours on April 10th. We'll be doing some planting, some fence repair, barn cleaning, bed building and who knows what all else depending on how many volunteers we have. SO you can contact Pat on Facebook. Simply go to Facebook and search for Crop Mob Jefferson City, Mo and tell him that you want to work that day and he will get right back to you. If you wish to contact him more directly, We will have a meal that day and it should be good as Julie Ridlon of Chanterelle Catering has already volunteered her talents. We plan on using as much local from our farm and others that we market with. Right now we are thinking about frittatas or quiche made w/eggs and onions produced here on sight. Simple but ...YUM. So get out your boots and hand tools and mark your calendar for April 10th 2010. We'll see you here on the farm.
Sam And Bill

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Lori Murray said...

Great blog Sam. It seems there is always something exciting going on at Sunflower Savannah. I don't know how you keep up with all that has to be done. You are amazing!