Thursday, February 25, 2010

Eggs and Spring

Well it looks as if the Groundhog was right this year. Despite all the snow we may have an early Spring. Yahoo is forecasting mid 40's to low 50's over the next 10 days. I gotta tell you I'm looking forward to it. Not sure if any of you have noticed but it's not getting dark until almost 6:30 now.

The Cayuga ducks have been mating like crazy and laying a few eggs. I think mostly they are hiding them. Either that or our Great Pyrenees, Rosa is getting them. Here is a pic of 2 white eggs and a BLACK one that we got last week. The Cayugas lay a variety of egg colors. They range from a pale green to black and also the basic white which of course goes with everything. The funny thing is, some ducks start out the season laying green or black eggs and as the season wears on, the eggs might slowly begin to turn another color. Say the black eggs will turn green and then later white the longer they lay or the green eggs will over time be laid as white ones. Then again some of the hens will start out laying a green or black egg and they will continue to lay a green or black egg all season. That's Margarita my inquisitive kitty's face you see there in the edge of the photo.

Tomorrow we will be at Schlafly Microbrewery for the Maplewood Farmers Market. We will have our usual 5 kinds of granola and our Cherry Serrano Pepper jelly and FRESH eggs. We look forward to seeing you there.

We're have started tomato plants and I will be back here soon with a list of exactly what we will be offering this year.


Sam and Bill

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