Friday, January 29, 2010

That time again....

Daisy's boy and Iris's twins
Hey Everyone,

It's lambing season again. Last posting we had 3 new lambs but no photos. Today I sat down and tried to figure out how to transfer the photos from my phone to my email so that we could use them in the blog. So let me tell you what has been happening.

Last week-end, the jeep came out of the shop just in time to take Jasmine to the vet. She had been off of her feed since Wednesday and was pregnant. The vet and I came up w/a diagnosis of Hypocalciemia. This is a low calcium issue. Jasmine struggles w/poor body condition and I really should cull her. As I have mentioned before I have an awesome vet- Dr. Hale and he has saved our butts countless times. He is always willing to go the extra mile. Unfortunately while we saved the ewe, she still threw a dead lamb. Just as well. She probably could not have produced the milk to take care of the little girl in the shape that she is in.

Sunday, Daisy FINALLY threw a little ram lamb. She had been having false labor since the previous Monday. Kept me out in the barn most of the week.

When I came home Wednesday, Flora was hiding herself, a 1st sign of labor. When I came back out an hour later, she had twins drying off. Here is the male. Couldn't resist the floppy ear shot.

Then last night, Belladonna presented me w/another set of the colors. Like little deer. A boy and a girl.

We have one more that is due soon and that is Lily. She dropped her mucus plug today so it can be anytime now.

My friend Kim is having a lot of fun trying to come up w/Flower names. She says Flora's little boy is Crocus or Daffodil and that Belladonna's are Chrysanthemum for the ram and the ewe lamb is Shasta for Shasta Daisy I suppose. I keep telling her that she should get her own sheep if she wants to name them . She is not impressed w/that philosophy. Her fav is the little black breech lamb that was born last week. It's hard to get a decent photo of a black lamb in a dim barn so she is not pictured here. She calls her Sweet Pea. Kinda strange genetic markings this year, same ram but only one black out of 10 lambs. Last year about 1/3 were all or mostly black. Even Flora who is mostly black and brown threw white lambs. Just goes to show that you never know.
We will be starting tomato plants soon and have already started some onion sets. Tomorrow we will be at Schlafly Microbrewery in the crown room w/lots of goodies and eggs. Look forward to seeing you.
Sam and Bill

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