Sunday, May 3, 2009

Market Season Soon

Market season is upon us. Schlafly has been rolling along since April beginning and Tower Grove starts on the 9th. We are not as far along as we'd like to be. This farmer has been running around getting tests done to find out about the back problem. This has been taking up lots of time. Still, the greenhouse is full, we put 6 dozen Guinea eggs in the incubator, we have dill and asparagus in the garden. Still waiting for the last sheep to lamb.
I'm both excited and dreading the tumult. It will be good to see the customers again as always.

We will not be at Schlafly tomorrow, but will start the season next Wednesday. We WILL be at Tower Grove this Saturday the 9th. This is what we will be bringing to BOTH markets.

Fresh Dill, Spearmint and Catnip herbs, Lambs Ear plants, Hosta and Water Iris.

Here is a listing again of the Heirloom tomatoes that we have: Paul Robeson, Plum Lemon, Green Zebra, Mortgage Lifter, Rutgers, Taxi, Sun Gold, Thai Red Turtle Egg, Moon Glow, Orange Banana, Purple Carbon, Plum Tigris...and more. If I missed a variety that you are looking for, email me. I'm sure that there are more.

All our plants are grown in recyclable pots using Organic potting mix and untreated, mostly organic seed.

As usual, we will have 5 kinds of granola and Cherry Serrano Pepper Jelly.

In today's unsure times, roll out and support your local farmer to insure your food safety.

Oh, and we are selling lambs(live) if anyone is interested.

See you there.

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