Wednesday, April 29, 2009

Project Progress

At the Silex Farmers Market on Saturday, we were able to get 2 Females that were about 5 weeks old and 4 smaller week old females. How do I know this, well because I spent about an hour showing people how to sex ducklings so they would know what they had.
I am still casting about hoping to get some adult hens from someone somewhere, but for now we will be ordering 10 ducklings from Mc Murray Hatchery as Metzers is where I got my original flock from and we are trying to keep the gene pool swimmable. Here are the 2 older females with one of the extra Drakes we have.

Monday, Billy went to get the polycarbonate material to finish the ceiling and hopefully the dividing wall in the greenhouse. Today he is putting in the ceiling. We were able to get some odd pieces at a better price than we hoped for so maybe we will be able to get more done.

Both of these things were possible thanks to the grant money provided by Slow Foods St. Louis. Thanks again, Kelly, Kimberly and Bill.

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