Friday, April 24, 2009

Getting Ready

Well we are getting ready for the weekend.
First we going tomorrow for the Silex Market. I am really excited about this especially since Kelly Klober called today to say that he has found me some Cayuga ducks, bless his heart. And speaking of Cayugas, look what happened this morning.
She just waltzed out w/8 new babies.
Tomorrow after the River Hills Market in Silex, we will be headed to Mike Brabo's
Vesterbrook Farm to do his Certified Naturally Grown inspection. He is READY. As you all might know, Certified Naturally Grown is a grassroots organization that follows the same strictures as Organic but is ran by Farmers instead of the USDA. The Organic label has been perverted by Monsanto and the likes in an attempt to do away with the competition of the small farm. Because you know, WE ARE the ones causing all the problems....NOT!
Then Sunday will be Earth Day at Forest Park in St.Louis. We will be in the Food Education section selling Heirloom tomato plants, Spearmint, Catnip, Water Iris, Lambs Ears(the plants) and a few other things. Varieties of tomatoes that we will be bringing are;

Purple Carbon, Mortgage Lifter, Taxi, Mule Team, Pink Oxheart, Green Zebra, Moon Glow,
Silvery Fir Tree, Thai Red Turtle Egg, Amish Paste, Missouri Love Apple and a few more.

Hybrids, Early Girl, Lemon boy, and a few Sun Golds.
ALL are potted in ORGANIC compost and RECYCLED POTS. The seeds are either from Certified Organic Sources and/or Untreated.

We will have Curly Willow Branches for Propagating,

Organic Mung and Adzuki Bean Sprouts and a limited amount of Alfalfa Sprouts.
Don't forget our Feather Jewelry made by my own 2 hands from Feathers on our own Farm while bored out of my head because of spinal incapacitation.(Everyone will tell you that I don't sit still well.)

Karen is doing all the dirty grunt work because I still am really limited on what I can handle and she will be on hand at the proceedings. Be sure and tell her thanks when you see her.

We will be providing reusable shopping bags for plants and Earth Day theme and convenience.

Look forward to seeing you there.

Oh yes, and here is the promised pic of Jessie and her new lamb

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