Wednesday, May 6, 2009


So it's been mentioned on and off that my back is giving me a lot of trouble. It appears to be
more serious than we first thought and has kept me down longer than anticipated.
Worrisome is a word for planting season when you can't get off the couch.
Understatement is saying that I have some good friends to back me up.
Karen has been mentioned off and on since we started the blog. She's a great best friend. She keeps the house clean and encourages me, goes outside and lets me boss her around the greenhouse. Then walks around wheezing for 2 days because she's not used to our Mid Western pollen.
Two weeks ago Sally, one of my oldest friends called to say she was coming out to help.
She came out to divide and pot tomato plants for me free of charge. She, her daughter & boyfriend. They all pulled weeds and carried the bundles to the mulch pile.
They ate before they came here and left w/out letting me pay even for gas. FRIENDS.
My brother in law Merle came out and worked 2 afternoons to help finish the raised beds around the greenhouse and just helped out the hubby w/stuff that I am not able to do. What a relief.
Gina was on duty Saturday.
Sunday Julie Ridlon from Chantrelle Catering came out to visit and see how things were going.
It was entertainment for herself and niece Becca, but they brought noshes, took pics and flattered the heck out of us. When she left we had extra ice cream, awesome coffee, offers to help plant and sympathy.
Michel, a florist who owes me nothing because she already buys stuff from me is always offering something whether it be biofreeze or a halter for the llama.
Everyday Doug and Cheri call to check on me. Doug tells me to keep the faith and Karen schleps me to the tests- even though she will tell you that she is not a morning person. And she's not...she's a friend person.
Seems like there are a lot of those hanging around here...simple and true people that you can count on...Friends

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