Sunday, May 10, 2009

And....We're off

Saturday was the beginning of the Tower Grove Market Season. It was a good day and a good Market. It was great seeing the old crowd again both vendors and customers alike.
It's difficult doing market w/a back injury but Karen and the ever loyal Hubby did all of the work while I explained the varieties of tomato plants to the customers. At one point, Kimberly from Slow Foods came by and commented on me sitting in a lawn chair w/my feet up. She couldn't see the ice pack behind me.
Today to continue on the theme of help on the farm, Dan and Denise Wissman came over to help plant. Dan tilled almost the whole garden and even though he BROKE the tiller(just kidding Dan, I'm really glad that the tiller didn't break you) it was an immense help. Denise planted 6 row of tomatoes and transplanted dill and marveled at the size of the worms in the garden. She planted Green Zebras, Mortgage lifters, Early Girls, Lemon Boys, Pink Girls, Purple Carbons and Bijskij Zetyl. What a relief. About 2 O'Clock, Julie Ridlon showed up again w/food and proceeded to transplant Astilbes and tomatoes. Even though she had to learn how to use the hoe, She weeded. Of course she had a lot of fun w/the word hoe. ...
Karen transplanted zinnias and Julie offered to trim the dog so they did it together. Just stuff to help...anything to help.
All and all I feel a bit better about the start on the season...Thanks everyone. Back out or not, it's nice to know that you mean enough to someone for them to go out of their way to help you or to care about your well being. everyone that does. Blessings are everyone that does.
Oh yes, and the LAST lamb of the season was born last night...another girl.
Blessings...I'm still counting.

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