Thursday, August 30, 2018

So Busy I can't Remember all that We Did

Market List
Grass Fed Lamb, Swiss Chard, Egyptian Walking Onions, SuperFood Salad Mix, Awesome Tomatoes, Awesome Rainbow Mix Cherry Tomatoes, Lemon Cucumbers, Kentucky Wonder Pole Beans and 
of course Tomatillos

I canned again; Refrigerator Dills, Cherry Serrano Pepper Jelly and Smoked Tomatillo Salsa

Last week, there were 5 baby chicks born. I was really tired of all those broody hens, so I let a couple sit and that's what we got. They are pretty cute walking around and it's amazing how ferocious those mother hens are. You should see them attacking any duck who dares to look their way.
On Wednesday we had a new lamb. I know it's out of season, even for Hair Sheep but when you have a ewe born late towards the end of lambing, by the time that she is sexually mature, the normal season is over and she will lamb off time of everyone else and the next year, she will catch up. Sometimes it has something to do with lack of forage , as we had last year and it will take them even longer to mature, which is okay too as they need to be fully developed. We have another due pretty soon, maybe 10 days to 2 weeks.

It seems like I had no time in the garden since last we talked. It was treatment week, I had to take a lamb to processor, I had a flat, my Uncle Jack has been promising to come out all summer with his Kubota Tree Puller and clear some pasture for us. The cedar trees were totally taking over and as our Flock grows, so does our need for pasture.

Most of you know that we have been working on our fields since our Slow Food Grant last year. He was supposed to come out on a Saturday so Bill could run the tractor and make things go faster but he decided on Sunday to come out on Wednesday and Thursday which of course required supervision and direction on my part so that was more time away from the growing spaces. However it was an amazing thing to behold and I sowed Winter Rye, Winter Peas and Crimson Clover where he was opening up the soil with his tread and from where the trees were removed. He cleared an amazing amount of trees from 3 Pastures. I am truly grateful. Now we need to have multiple bonfires.

I did finally get into the garden this afternoon. We will have a large amount of goodies to bring to you this weekend. 90 degrees again. All next week in the upper 80's, perfect tomato weather, still good swimming too. Which is awesome because I was so busy that I only was able to swim twice this week. Oh yes, an my laptop died, another thing that slowed me down...funny I don't remember slowing down lol.

So we'll see you Saturday at Tower Grove Park

God's Blessings on you and yours,


Sam and Bill

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