Thursday, December 8, 2016

Reuse to Renew

We will be at the Montessori School for Tower Grove Farmers Market
1618 Tower Grove Ave
Market List:
SuperFood Salad Mix,
Pecans, Pak Choi

Lots of Holiday gift ideas for 5 -7.00.
A bag of Granola or a Jar of Jam will fit perfectly into a stocking. Pickled Hot Peppers or
Salty Dill Pickles will make you a Star during the office Secret Santa exchange.
Don't forget Hanukkah is soon also.

So this is a picture of the Citrus taken yesterday after several nights in the Low 20's. The trees are fine in their heated soil and have even put on more fruit. Last night's temps were in the teens with a wind chill of 5 this morning so I threw a frost blanket over them and had a space heater as a back up. . The trees are still doing fine. Whew it's cold already, I hope it's not a sign of what is to come.

We've had a guy here for awhile now, working for room and board. Another Bill and he's quite the carpenter. Not so crazy about Farm work, for instance the Citrus project. He does his share but he'd rather be fixing stuff. For years, we've been salvaging barn wood, flooring and old windows for the day that we could fix our barn. The barn, around 100 years old is in decent shape structurally but aesthetically- not so much. While it is serviceable, all the walls are missing boards and windows. He just redid the doors you see pictured. Two weeks ago, the other Bill and the trusty Rusty who scored us some tin, covered the back of the barn with said tin. This week, both Bills put windows in the back and this side and replaced boards. If you look closely, you can see which boards were replaced. I have spent several hours sorting out the wood so it will be easy to see what works as we go.  

So other than pulling in all of our greens and celery and transplanting into the greenhouse, that's about it for this week. Soon we will be talking about a new Slow Food Grant as that's another work in progress.

God's blessings on you and yours,


Sam and Bill ...and Bill

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