Friday, December 16, 2016

December Tomatoes

December Tomatoes

It's been very cold but still lots of tomatoes, Pak Choi and greens. The heated soil cables are keeping the greenhouse at least 12 degrees above freezing even at such continuous low temps.
Around us, other farmers are now starting to try it.
Unfortunately I have no where to go with these lovelies. At this point Schlafly is still saying that there is no longer space for me unless someone cancels. This has been hard dealing with this as I don't know whether to prepare or not and just to be frank, this has kind of hit me where I live. Not only financially because many of you know how Bill and I live separately because I care for my dad who has dementia while Bill works out of state at a job that provides insurance. The farm is what we depend on to fill in the gaps. Also, it's hard to start over with a different market when so many of you follow the Tower Grove and Schlafly Markets so faithfully. Basically I would have to leave you- those who depend on us to provide the clean, nutritious food behind. Growing and providing clean food is literally a calling for me. I have finally gotten to the point of having extended season produce but now it doesn't have value. Some are saying to me, "join our buying club" some are saying "Farmers Markets are out of vogue now, they're only entertainment" or  "just find a different way to sell your stuff". In fact, that's pretty much the message from this Market, "find another venue, find a different market". Really? After years of this being the only Market in St. Louis which focuses on Farmers who grow everything they bring, suddenly this doesn't matter? They always been know for supporting their farmers and strongly backed by Slow Food. I know this, I have been one for 12ish seasons. Now I am not. I guess we are being forced move on.
The problem with this of course is that not all of you will join these clubs or be able to get to the new market. This matters to me but it seems to others, not so much. Suddenly the food is not important, the way the food is grown is not an issue.  Me, I love the joy of introducing someone with a new food source, be it Slow Food duck eggs, a different amazing Slow Food tomato variety, lemon cucumbers or an old thing like my grandmother's pickle or pickled peppers recipe or Pecans from the place that I was born. Each thing, perfect in it's time. You can't get them regularly, each thing is in it's own season, available for what seems a moment. Our Cayuga duck eggs are only about 7 months of the year, the Lemon Cukes only 3. Even December tomatoes aren't ripened the same way as the ones hanging in the 80 degree garden. That's what fresh is all about and I love being in touch with all of your faces when it's introduced to you.

For those of you who ordered eggs, I have almost 2 dozen. But again, without a venue- I'm at a loss. I'm going to reach out again and see if I can set up outside where some of the vendors set up at the Thanksgiving market. I'll let you know if anything changes.

God's Blessings on you and yours,

Sam and Bill

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