Thursday, November 17, 2016

2016 Thanksgiving Market at Schlafly

Market List

Celery- That's right I said it! Pesticide Free Celery
Pak Choi
Egyptian Walking Onions
Coriander bunches for seasoning or decoration
Fresh Dill bundles
Shelled Missouri Pecans
Cherry Tomatoes

We did not get a frost so we will have some slicing tomatoes for a bit yet. There will probably be one on Saturday but we shall see.
There is a some lamb but sure not as much as normal for this time of year. Ironic as we have had so many lambs this season but the boys sure are growing slowly. We should have some for Christmas though.

I understand from the new Market Master (Mistress?) that we will not be in our normal spot that we have been in for the last
10 years, but will be on the patio instead. I will miss being by Ozark Forest Mushrooms but hopefully there will be more room out there.  

We decided to name the lamb Quince after what I think are the prettiest of the Spring flowers and of course the focus of one of our grants.

Don't forget to stop by our booth to stock on the Pecans that we get from my hometown in the Missouri Bootheel.
Mom spent the day shelling after they were picked up from the Cracker.

It seems to be a particularly good crop. Maybe not quite as moist as it is a dry year but nice, sweet and plump pecans. This year they will be packaged in 11 oz. as well as 1 Lb. bags.

By the way, this beautiful light Golden color is how you tell this year's pecans from last. The Pecans that are showing up in Wal-Mart and your Chain Groceries are dark brown and are from last year. The color deepens as they cure.

So we'll see you on the Patio Saturday. Next week we are off for Thanksgiving,
then we will be back at Schlafly and next Tower Grove at the Montessori School and then Schlafly again for the Holidays market. Don't forget we have lots of 5-10.00 items for those office parties, Hanukkah and Christmas Gifts. 

God's Blessings on you and yours,


Sam, Bill and Bill

Happy Jubilee

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