Friday, October 14, 2016

Back in the Garden

                                                                         Market List

Some Grass Fed Lamb-
We are a bit low for another week or so and then we will have some again. Just about out of Bratwurst too. Will be having a sale though on Bones; Dog, Marrow or Soup, 2.00 per bag.
Just trying to clean out my freezer folks.
Tomatoes -
Rainbow Cherry and some for slicing.
Lemon and Apple Cucumbers
Probably the last of these as cucumbers don't like these cool nights.
Kentucky Wonder Pole Beans
Same as above.

I bet some of you are wondering if we made it to Tybee Island last week and the answer is no, thank God. We did have a few days off of just relaxation and are back to work again.
We're running out of weeks on Famous Salsa. The tomatoes are having their last hurrah and you know when they go, so does this addictive nosh. Next week we will have a blog on how the Slow Food Citrus Grant is doing with High Tunnel improvement photos. Until then-
We'll see ya Saturday.


God's Blessings on you and yours,

Sam and Bill

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