Thursday, September 29, 2016

Fall of Jubilee

Jubilee at the Tractor
Market List; Grass Fed Lamb Cuts and Bratwurst, Rainbow Cherry Tomato Mix, Lemon and Apple Cucumbers and Red Burgundy Okra.

So Jubilee really is fitting in well. She is most likely not full Pyrenees but she certainly knows the job. At almost 6 months, she will round the sheep up if she feels they are being threatened and

brings them to the barn.
She stands there until she is sure she has their full attention and then sits down. It's pretty cool. She doesn't want to be petted but she is happy following me around in hopes of a treat and runs straight into the barn at night for her food, which she defends from the sheep. Minus the parentage issue, she's pretty much perfect. Bumblebee however keeps trying to go back to the pasture...jumping over the gate and running around to jump back in. Crazy Bumblebee.

Well it certainly cooled down this week. I haven't given up on the swimming, but I didn't manage it today for sure. Socks and long sleeves nearly the whole day. Tomatoes have slowed down but we will still have some this week and salsa too. Better grab some this week, because all things being equal, we are taking off next weekend. First time in Seven years. It being October, there's no telling how long we have until frost. Salsa time is running out.
I did manage to get some Smoked Tomatillo Salsa made this week.
Billy will be at the market with me Saturday. Stop and say Hi and Happy Birthday to him.
Wear a jacket- high of 72.

God's Blessings on you and yours,


Sam, Billy and Jubilee

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