Thursday, August 18, 2016

Finally Pictures

Sheep over the Lake

Market List- Lemon, Apple and Pickling cucumbers, SuperFood Salad Mix, Rainbow Cherry Tomato Mix, Basil, Cilantro AND Grass Fed Lamb cuts; Steaks, Chops organ meat and 3 kinds of Bratwurst-Garlic Butter, Rosemary and Thyme and Regular. We will have some salad and slicing tomatoes but not as many as last week. We are not running out, just in a lull between the rain and the bugs. We have a new crop coming on and new varieties too.
The ducks have stopped laying pretty much. We didn't even really get a hatching season this year, it was so weird. But we have a chicken that went broody so we stuck the last 4 eggs that we got underneath her. We'll see what happens.

 I finally figured out the photo editor on my new laptop so finally a picture or two. We worked hard all week in the garden and Rayven got another lesson in Pickle Making.

We finally are getting some of our specialty cucumbers. I planted almost 2 oz. of  Lemon cucumber seed but everyone I know had trouble with lemon cukes this year. They vined out but the vines were spindly and virus ridden even with the pickling and English cucumbers doing fine right next to them. I planted Apple Cucumbers too and they took a long time to start setting fruit but they finally are. They are really cool looking. Kinda like the lemon ones in shape and texture but a beautiful striped apple green. I am getting a few lemon ones along with them in a different spot outside and the National Picklers are doing well too. Last week I talked about how we are putting in cool weather crops. Today I planted Giant Red Mustard and Earlier in the week we cleaned out the High Tunnel of weeds and old Greens and we planted Pepper Cress. We have some celery in the raised beds and hoped to get parsnips in again for Spring.

It's been Sultry all week and rain at night. Saturday of course they are calling for Rain AGAIN but we will be there Rain OR shine. Personally, I am hoping for shine.


Sam, Bill and Rayven


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