Friday, July 29, 2016

SO Many Tomatoes

Market List: Tomatoes, we have like 20 varieties this week of slicing and salad tomatoes, Rainbow Cherry Mix, SuperFood Mix, Purslane, Sunflower Bouquets,
Grass Fed Lamb; Bratwurst- 3 kinds.
Shoulder Steak, Chump Steak, Leg Steak and 2 types of Lamb Chops

Some of you may have noticed that there was no blog last week. Bill has been home for 12 days and it always seems like we should have more time but there are all these projects that we are trying to get done and things just get away from us. We have been picking tomatoes, tying up tomatoes, fencing tomatoes, running cucumbers, weeding, weeding, weeding tomatoes, making salsa, eating tomatoes...well you get the picture. Next week, I will be making Tomatillo Salsa FINALLY. The tomatillos are coming on beautifully. Just the right amount of rain this season. I know we were a little dry in June but then this nice shift of over 85 degree days with a nice steady shower every week. It's made everything easier except for the weeds. They of course love it too. We spend 2 hours every morning weeding and have yet to conquer them. I really tried hard to get to the tomatillo salsa this week but the collection is slow when you are tying them up and staking them also. SO many things to do and in so many differing directions. We managed to get the breeding area in for the ducks so they are safe, while nesting from predators. Other than that, many of the things on our list were not gotten to yet. We have another 9 days to get the list done. I want to put a big laugh here.
Many of you were on vacation this week and we did miss you. We'll be glad to see you back Saturday.
Off to weed, sorry there are no pics today.

God's Blessings  on you and yours,


Sam and Bill

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Can't wait to come back!