Thursday, April 21, 2016

Tomatoes 2016, What will You Plant?

Market List - Salad Mix, Grass Fed Lamb Cuts and 4 varieties of Bratwurst, Slow Food Cayuga Duck Eggs and Chicken eggs, both fed with non GMO food and LOTS and Lots of Tomato Plants.

Every season, we start the tomatoes with hopes of new varieties working out and tried and true ones performing up to their usual standards. The ones that produce well and have the favorable characteristics for tomatoes are kept and the ones that do not are swept away as we move on to new varieties. We do mostly heirlooms but I have 3 hybrids that I grow every year with great success as well as flavor, Early Girl, Lemon Boy and Pink Girl.

The heirlooms that we put into the ground this year were;

Mortgage Lifter- Pink, Good performer, disease resistant and yummy flavor. Can crack if there is a lot of moisture but dependability in flavor and taste make it worth it.

Pork Chop-New this year - Great flavor and early production. Performed well in a continuously wet season.

Black from Tula- As always, an amazing variety. Great texture, juicy yet meaty wonderful flavor. A little susceptible to aphids.

Purple Carbon- same as above also add high germination rate.

Paul Robeson- Yummy! will always make my list. Brick red, rich and smoky flavor.

                Black Plum- Beautiful brick red plum type tomato,
                      varies in size from grape to plum size

Azoychka Russian-Citrusy, Juicy Slicer.

Caspian Pink- It's a keeper! Good production, low acid with great tomato flavor, beautiful fluted fruit.

Green Zebra- not so great production this year but once you taste a Zebra,
you will always have a space for it.

  Golden Jubilee- Good producer of lower acid tomatoes.

Pantano Romanesco- another flat fluted tomato, good production and disease resistance.

Cherry tomatoes

Red Grape tomato that has fabulous production AND dries into a superbly chewy tomato

Chocolate Cherry-
These bruised beauties are rich in flavor and meaty
Violet Jasper surpasses itself with Green and purple striped beauty as well as production, is beautiful but needs to be fully ripe to obtain full flavor. 

Gold Nugget- New but supposedly sweeter than Sun Gold.

These Beautiful Striped tomatoes can have as many as 4 colors. Some argue that they are the same as pineapple. They are not my favorite because they are lower in acid than I like but have a big following.

Cherokee Green and Purple- Yes, we have both color this year. Again, not one of MY picks for the table but I am in the minority. Super sweet and for an Heirloom extremely productive. They just don't have enough acid for me. They are our largest, best looking plants.

We have an abundance of Big, Reds this year. Mike Brabo from Vesterbrook cleaned out his seed box and I got the dregs. Between his choices and mine, there are many reds to choose from this year.
Arkansas Traveler
Early Girl


Lots of Pinks! Pink Girl, Eva Purple Ball,  Pantano Romanesco, Caspian Pink, Sweet Carneros, which is pink with orange flecks, Tie Dye is Pink but not ready yet, nor Thai Turtle Egg. There are a few of course will be brought only as produce at the Market like Barry's Crazy Cherry, Chestnut Chocolate, Amos Coti and a few other Wild Boar Farms choices.
So that's about it, Things will be a little up in the air for a couple of weeks. We will have this list printed out for you to refer to, because as great as Bill is, he doesn't know anything about tomatoes that are not on a plate. It's going to be 74 degrees so there will be Lemonade and Organic Green Tea with Jasmine.

God's Blessings on you and yours,


Sam and Bill


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