Thursday, April 14, 2016

As Summer Market 2016 Begins

Market List for Tower Grove Market -
  • Spinach, SuperFood Salad Mix-Lambs Quarter is back in the mix, Green Onions, Cilantro and
  • Egyptian Walking Onions.
  • Lamb-Chops, Steaks, Stew, Brats; Rosemary and Thyme, Garlic Butter, Jalapeno and Plain. We have a little bit of burger left and 1 leg roast.
  • Duck eggs, Chicken eggs- raised Free Range with Non GMO feed

  • Many of the Tomato Plants listed below will be available this Saturday.
  • It's a little early to plant but a good idea to get your favorites before they are gone.
  • You know we have a larger variety than any one else. We also have been mixing our own compost this year.
                                                           Tomatoes for 2016

Yellow & Green                Purple                                    Pink                                Red  
Azoychka Russian       Paul Robeson                          Caspian                        Arkansas Traveler
Pork Chop                    Purple Carbon                         Pink Girl                        Early Girl
Lemon Boy                  Violet Jasper                          Mortgage Lifter            Eva Purple Ball(yes Red)
Amish Gold               *Chestnut Chocolate                Tie Dye Berkley             Rutgers
Green Zebra                  Cherokee Purple                   Thai Turtle Egg             Juliet
Green Copia                 Chocolate Cherry                 *Sweet Carneros             Moscovitch
Cherokee Green           Black Plum                                                                 Pantano Romanesco
Striped German           Black from Tula                                                          Amish Paste
Gold Nugget                Japanese Black Trifele                                                 Homestead
Golden Jubilee             *Blue Beauty                                                              Washington Cherry
Gold Nugget                Indigo Rose                                                                * Amos Coti
Dr. Wyche                   *Lucid Gem
*Barry's Crazy Cherry

The Asterisk * marked tomatoes will not be offered as plants at the market.

As usual, lots and lots of ideas popping here on Sunflower Savannah. We've got a few new tomatoes on the list this year and as we never have the same kind of Spring 2 years in a row in Missouri, I fully expect a better one than last year.
We received our Citrus trees from Lemon Citrus Tree company. Five Meyer Lemons and a Dancy Tangerine. This company was great. I ordered on Sunday night and they were here on Wednesday. Beautiful plants-one of the Meyer's had lemons on it already. Little ones, but still. Shipping was a little high but these guys were in 2 gallon pots full of potting soil and perfectly packed so not a branch was broken. All of course made possible by a Slow Food St. Louis Grant. We didn't get all the funds we asked for in the grant because of course Slow Foods funds other farmers too. So we ordered the trees and this fall we will start installing the Infrared Floor heating. That way we will not lose any time on the growing of the trees while waiting to finish the project.

We have been filling raised beds with Magic Molly and Peter Wilcox potatoes. We picked these varieties because of the health properties of these potatoes. Magic Molly is a dark Purple potato which holds it's color when cooked and Peter Wilcox is supposedly higher than any other variety in Vitamin C. So as you can see, we have a great season planned.
However, we have a glitch. After this week at Market, you will be seeing Billy and Cortney for a few weeks. I'm having back surgery next Friday. It's a good thing, they are removing the hardware from my back because not only did the bone grow back well enough to support itself but we believe it will help a bunch with relieving some issues. So please be patient if there is something they don't know. I am trying to prepare everything ahead of time, lists and descriptions of tomato plants and we are stocked up on your favorite items. All will be as normal, just for a couple of weeks I will not be visible.
In this same thought vein, we are looking for some volunteers to help us plant the heat loving items in the garden. Free tomato plants or 5 lbs. of tomatoes when they come in and some Sam's Famous Salsa.


This is Nigella nd her new lamb. I have been waiting for 5 months to see what kind of lamb she would throw. She was mated with a white ram with black around his eyes and nose. All season we have been getting females and as many of you know, I am breeding for color and size, for distinction of look and larger lambs to get to market more quickly. All season we have been getting female after female, only one male so far. So many white females that I had to sell some last week. I was sure though that that we would get a spotted girl from Nigella with her being almost entirely black. Nope. This bruiser was a boy. Spotted yes, female no. Sigh. The irony is, around his eyes, he is marked exactly like his father and little tan and taupe spots everywhere else.

I guess that's most of what we have been up to. The temp is supposed to be 70 so we will have tea and Lemonade. A great way to start the season off.

God's Blessings on you and yours,


Sam and Bill

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