Friday, October 30, 2015

Winding Up

Sorrel and Lamb
Slow Food Presents ~The Art of Food
November 7th 6-10 P.m.
At the Luminary Cherokee St. Louis, Mo.
 A great time to get to together with like minded Locavores to raise money for Local Farmers but eating and drinking St. Louis' best food paired with locally distilled, brewed or fermented beverages.
 Market List - Super Food Salad Mix, Grass Fed Lamb, Radishes,
Rainbow Cherry Mix Tomatoes,
 Pesticide Free Apples
down to the nitty gritty on
 Sam's Famous Salsa


Look at this "little chunk"- born last Saturday morning
right before I left for market.
As usual this time of year, it's preserve, preserve, preserve, dry, freeze and  preserve. Lately it has been a lot of apple stuff because of all the fantastic apples; Apple Chutney for the holidays and Apple Butter both are sugar free because apples are so good with Robins local honey. Tomatillos are for Smoked or Charred Salsa, I also can the juice from those and my famous Salsa to make amazing soup additions or a great drink.
 Last week I made Garlicky Chili Sauce and Cherry Serrano Pepper Jelly from the sweet peppers we are also putting
in the freezer for later this winter.
Now don't forget that you need to get your Leg of Lamb reserved for Thanksgiving and Christmas.
We will only have about 4-5. Wear a jacket tomorrow as temps are set at about 59-60 with occasional rain. Don't let that put you off though. We farmers are working hard all week to bring you what you need. So we will see you there tomorrow. 8-12:30 at Tower Grove Farmers Market AND
 at The Art of Food on November 7th 2015.
Last Winter's Lambs

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