Thursday, September 24, 2015

There's a Lot of Wwoofing Going on Around Here

Market List: Lamb-Yes we still have ground! As well as Steaks, Chops, Stew, Organ and Marrow Bones
 Rainbow Cherry Mix tomatoes, Spicy Salad Mix, Tomatillos,
Lemon Cucumbers, Cherokee Wax Beans, Pepperoncini Peppers, Yard Long Beans. 
Vertical Lemon Cucumbers

Last Friday, I talked about Max our resident Wwoofer landing here. It has been a busy time. It's amazing how much more is getting done and how much detail I can pay attention to when I have an good Farm help. Hopefully it has been fun for him too. I think we have swam nearly every day he has been here and he has been working on his bass fishing at Lake Heavenly Cove. Sunday he caught his first catfish. He got to spend a bit of time on the tractor with more lessons to come. I think it's working out for all of us.

On Friday while I was getting ready for Market, Max and Bill were working on another project.

This is one end of the high tunnel that Bill built me this spring. I wanted raised beds around the entire structure. I have a friend who's giving me these stackable, collapsible wooden untreated crates that he gets at his work that tools machines. These crates have machines shipped in them and no one wants them because they are untreated but of course my eyes saw "free raised bed". So far he has brought me 16. This is how it looked when they started. If you look closely, you can see about 40 tomatillos, Bill and Max.

This is when the excess tomatillos, Sunflowers and weeds were cleared out. Max has spent a lot of time clearing out tall dead sunflowers from the thousands of flowers we brought to market this summer. It's definitely a new form of work out for him. There's one he missed right there in the picture. Just kidding, we haven't gotten to that end of the Garden yet.

Along with the tractor lesson, they got all of the beds laid out and partially filled. Today, Rusty came over and ran the tractor while Max finished filling the beds with compost.

Voila! Cool no?
 So that's about it. Max planted some Kale, Turnips, field Peas, Oats, Beets and radishes. The radishes are up because they are in the garden beds, the other stuff ... not so much. Dry, Dry Dry here. Hard to believe after almost drowning this spring that we are watering.

So Max will be with me again this weekend. Stop and say hi! Forecast is 80 degrees so have a nice cup of Lemonade. Still 2.00, the best deal at the market! Bill will be with me on the 10th as Our Anniversary is that weekend so you will get to see him too. Cortney will be back in between times as she is finishing up her Flag competitions.

We'll see you Saturday! It's the Harvest Fest!

God's blessings on you and yours,


Bill, Sam and Max-and Cortney too.

Bill teaching Max about the Tractor

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