Friday, May 8, 2015

What's in Store

So this week....totally different from last week. So much accomplished and we even jumped in the lake for the first time this season. The market list will be totally different for a few weeks. While we are out of lamb for the first time in a year and a half, we have lots of unique greens and things to cook with, for instance;
 Garlic and Shallot Greens, if you haven't tried the shallot greens, you should. They have a delicious delicate flavor. The Garlic greens are wonderful in Stir Fry, Pasta or salad dressings.
Spring Wild Salad Mix- Mesclun Salad greens with Lambs Quarter, Radish, Kale, Chard and beet.
Crunchy and sweet with a light bite. Everybody's been asking for it.
Spicy Stir Fry Combo- Watermelon Radish Greens, Red Mustard and Baby Kale
Tomato and Veggie Plants - from the new growing space Bill constructed for me, we will have some wonderful looking plants, 25 varieties (at least )of tomato plants; Azoychka Russian, Early Girl, Thai Turtle Egg, Black from Tula, Paul Robeson, Gypsy, Pork Chop, Arkansas Traveler, Mortgage Lifter, Juliet, Japanese Black Triefle, Green Copia, Lemon Boy, Pink Girl, Dr. Wyches (for you low acid lovers) Green Zebra, Golden SunRay, Amish Paste, Chocolate Cherry, Snow White and maybe some Purple Carbon. I was late getting those started. This week we will also have Serrano Peppers (hot) and Eggplant.

Becca finished her first year of college with straight A's and showed up here on Wednesday to save me. My friend Susan also volunteered for several hours and between us all we got about 50 trays of tomatoes transplanted into pots for market and Becca and I got about 200 tomato plants and some sunflowers in the ground. You probably can't tell from this picture but this High Tunnel/Greenhouse thing my husband built is totally amazing.  This is made from about 70% recycled materials which actually makes it harder to build. It's very cool to me and has really improved the quality of my tomato plants. This is a closer pic of one side. We have Potatoes, tomatoes, tomatillos, Watermelon Radishes and cucumbers planted in the beds we have in so far and if you look closely, visible in the center are the Slow Food Grant trees that we have heeled in waiting to be planted. We are still fine tuning and the set up will be finalized after the Market tomato plants are out of the picture.

It has really been pretty amazing to watch Bumblebee the Sheep guardian pup start to come into her own with the flock. She went from scared newbie who was bossed about by the sheep to sulking toddler because no one would play with her to the protector of the sheep. I don't even know if she realizes what is happening to her but it's happening. One minute she's lollygagging around like pups do and the next minute she is barking to warn the sheep of danger and they are listening to her. Then she looks kinda sheepish(if you'll pardon the pun) as if to say "I don't know why I did that".
So it has been pretty busy this week. It's raining here today which we very much need but means we will be slogging through the mud. I hope it doesn't interfere with market though. We will have a lot of yummy things to eat and to grow. Don't let the rain stop you from stocking up. We will still have Lemonade and Organic Green Tea with Jasmine and Local Honey. See you there.

God's Blessings on you and yours,


Sam and Bill

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