Friday, April 10, 2015

Opening Market at TG

Anne Tkach, 1967-2015

I'm sorry to say that due to a lack of communication and changing of opening dates at the Market, we will not be there on Saturday. I will be visiting River Hills Farmer's Market in Silex per a long standing arrangement.
While I will miss you seeing you all, I am looking forward to being at a market as an observer and talking to other farmers about bringing their goods to the St. Louis area.

Look for us next week. We will be bringing grass fed lamb, tomato plants, garlic tops, spearmint, Tomatillo Salsas, and if it's not raining, our popular Green Tea with Jasmine and local honey as well as our STL Riverfront times award winning Lemonade. Oh yes and duck eggs, lots and lots of duck eggs. It's like Easter around here with all the multicolored eggs dropping everywhere. Possibly some greens too.

We are all mourning the loss of Anne Tkach a regular performer at the market and manager at Local Harvest Grocery. You might remember her at the store as the smiling female in the overalls at the store and playing the upright bass fiddle at the market. Please take a look at Anne's life.

God's Blessings on you and yours and
as Local harvest posted yesterday, don't forget to hug your loved just never know.


Sam and Bill

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