Thursday, November 6, 2014

In Which Sunflower Savannah Gains an Intern and has a Productive week.

Market List
Lamb- Chops, steak, stew, ground, shank, Leg of,
shoulder roast, neck and boneless.
Turnip Greens
Fall Greens Mix
Maybe some Salsa
Smoked Tomatillo Salsa

Last week I said that there was still much to take away from the Small Farm Show so WE came away with a Farm intern. I was pretty sure that he was coming when I last posted but I didn't want to jinx it. Ha!
You just never know.
He arrived last Friday while we were hustling to get as much harvested before the frost as we could along with preparing for market. After putting down his bags, he jumped right in and starting picking tomatillos...and picking tomatillos.
We probably got another 40 lbs. of tomatillos in the house, that may not have made it there otherwise.

Monday we started to work on a new raised bed. You may remember, last year Josh P. from the Libertine dug out the Bermuda on the inside of the garden and this spring, we put another raised bed inside the garden but still the Bermuda creeps. At the other end of the garden was where we put in the Milo. Billy was gone so much this Spring, we didn't get it planted around the edges as planned.
As you can see, the Bermuda is still in between the 2 beds and trying to get into the other.
The left is the old bed and the right is the new. As you can see, there is some really good soil in the old bed, look at how black it is. So not only did we have to get the grass out but we needed to save the rich soil. It was shoveled in to the bed established this Spring on the right. and the Bermuda painstakingly removed. We used recycled metal panels
to hold up the beds and you can see Robin and my trusty dusty neighbor Rusty (Hey that rhymes) helping to remove them.

 Groundcover made from recycled banners we then put down to repel(but never stop) the Bermuda.

Then it was reassembled and refilled with barn compost.
What to do with the new bed? What to do? How about filling it with garlic from the
Slow Food Garlic Project. Six Lbs. of German Extra Hardy Garlic. Slow Foods has paired with
 Baker Creek Rare Seeds to get the St. Louis area more familiar with over 200 varieties of garlic that are not usually cultivated. Vicki Lander from Flower Hill Farm shared the wealth.
So it rained on Tuesday, but Wednesday........
This is Robin, taking down our tomato fences on one end of the garden. So we can get ready for the Winter bed down and THIS is what it looked like when he was done.
While we picked about 70 lbs. of Tomatillos last week between what we picked for market and what we saved from the frost, there were still a lot that we missed. Good thing we had more help with that.
And so, tomorrow will be harvesting and Saturday Bill and Robin will be working on fencing for the Slow Food grant.
We had a few complaints Saturday about the lack of Lemonade so we will have some for
those die hard fans.
See you Saturday!
God's Blessings on you and yours
Sam and Bill

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