Thursday, November 20, 2014

Thanksgiving Market

Market Schedule- November 22nd- Schlafly -7260 Southwest Ave
                              December 06th- Schlafly -
                              December 14th -Tower Grove
                              December 20th-Schlafly

We will be at Schlafly for the Maplewood Farmers Market on Saturday.
Look for Missouri Pecans
Plenty of Lamb for your Thanksgiving meal. We have leg of, 2 racks, shoulder roasts, Stew meat, chops, ground and 3 kinds of steak.
Compliment your meal with some Chow Chow, a piquant side relish, Apple Chutney and
Cherry Serrano Pepper Jelly- use it as a glaze or as a party dip or some Smokey Tomatillo Salsa.
See tomorrow at Schlafly Microbrewery and restaurant. We'll be in the Crown Room.
Sunflower Savannah uses Square for Credit card purchases.
God's Blessings on you and yours
Sam and Bill

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