Thursday, September 19, 2013

September 21 Market

It's That time of the year. So much time spent preserving the harvest.
It has been an amazing year for tomatillos. Last year it was so hot and dry that many tomatillo blossoms did not get pollinated. This year we have already made 2 batches of Smoked Tomatillo Salsa and a great tasting Salsa Verde. Tomatillos are the main ingredient of Salsa Verde. Not everyone knows that.
I'm finally getting ahead on the pickles, dill relish and pickled peppers that make winter fare far less bland and boring.

Finally we are bringing some LAMB to the market. Dr. Hale my famous vet that I have blogged about and I have been working together to bring you lamb earlier in the season. Dr. Hale has been raising Suffolk sheep to my (almost )specifications. They have been grass fed most of their lives except for a couple of days. They broke into the other field and got into some grain but then were put back on grass. No Antibiotics and are hormone free. These sheep are wool sheep and have just a naturally larger body mass which means they get larger faster. At birth they weigh almost twice what hair sheep lambs weigh. In a few weeks we will be bringing more of our regular lamb and later this winter we will have lamb bratwurst. So all this means that you will have more access to Naturally raised, SAFE lamb for your dinner table.

You can also look for Certified Naturally Grown ~

Great tasting Rainbow Cherry Mix tomatoes

Tomatillos (of course)


Summer Savory Mix Greens- Radish, Lambs Quarter, Wood Sorrel, Kale and Chard

Heirloom slicing tomatoes

Lemon Cucumbers- get 'em while you can. Time is running out!

Zinnia Bouquets- Pesticide Free!

just a few more weeks for Sam's Famous Salsa

and of course...Listen for the call....L E M O N A D E...

Next week look for a blog on the critique of the season's tomatoes. I'll let you know what is worth growing and why and what not.

God's Blessings on you and yours,


Sam and Bill (flying solo)

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