Thursday, September 26, 2013

Eventful Week

Jesse and EJ
Every week, I think that next week, it will be a little less crazy but so far that hasn't happened yet. The only thing around here that are taking a break are the chickens. Not one egg this week.
It's hard to believe that we only have 5 markets left for the 2013 Tower Grove Market season. Actually the market ends on November 2nd but that Saturday I will be leading a Round Table on Market Gardening at the Small Farm Trade Show in Columbia Mo.

This week I had some major help on the farm. Josh Poletti a chef at the Libertine restaurant in
St. Louis came out to get in touch with Local food and here's the main thing that he accomplished;
You didn't know this but this fence was not visible before he started because of all the Bermuda grass. To the right is one of my raised beds. He pulled the plastic up, dug some out, detached the fence, tilled and TILLED. Then he dug some more grass out and reversed the whole thing. Voila! The fence is back up and the Bermuda grass is gone(for now)This took the better part of 2 afternoons.
Cheryl was here again to help with the harvesting of the tomatillos. It is a bumper crop year.
 Yesterday, Chris from Liberty Farm came out to do our Certified Naturally Grown Inspection. Check the CNG website for the results in a few weeks.
This morning I awoke to a new lamb. As it was the mother's 1st time lambing, she took a little persuading but finally she accepted the little guy. I would post the picture but as we are advertising Lamb at the market this week, I thought maybe this wasn't the best time. Just remember the lambs are raised humanely and free range. You won't see conventional farmers out in the barn trying to coax a mother to accept a lamb. Why just yesterday half of our flock crossed 185 to check out the neighbor's grass. I guess there is a reason they say "the grass is always greener". I'm sure it is greener over there, she doesn't have 29 sheep.
At the market this weekend you can expect-
Radish Greens- Yummy and comparable to turnip
Summer Savory Mix- Radish, Purslane,Wood Sorrel, Kale and Chard  
Rainbow Cherry Tomato Mix
Lemon Cucumbers
Heirloom Slicing tomatoes
Zinnia Bouquets
 I tried one of the steaks last Saturday after market folks and it is tender and delicious.
It's going to be about 8 degrees warmer than they told us last week so listen for the call.....
God's Blessings on you and Yours
Sam and Bill(seeing each other soon but not soon enough)

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