Friday, August 2, 2013

Way Behind but Catching Up

I haven't blogged for a bit and I kind of feel bad about that because I promised that I would write about the grant progress next and I always try and keep my word. There is some exciting and unexpected news to report and a lot of pics to post which is time consuming. So as we have been way behind since my gramma's, illness, death and subsequent trip out of town,  I have been putting it off. Thankfully we are catching up- finally but only because we have been getting a lot of good help lately. I had been attending a Women's Bible study on Thursday lately and it was just too much for me to get everything done by Friday(boy can we TALK) so I told the girls that I would have to drop out in order to be prepared for market...another day yes but not Thursday. Cheryl said "what if I come help you?" So for about 6 weeks now, she has been showing up every Thursday a.m. weeding, transplanting, harvesting, what ever needs to be done for about 3 hours then she goes back to her 4 kids(!). It's good fellowship and girl talk and we get a ton finished.                                              
Then there is Austin. He is looking for experience to take into the work field and has heart for service. Not that swimming in my lake afterwards isn't another incentive.
Last week Cheryl and Austin were both out of town on a Mission trip to World Missionary Press to help literature get sent into other countries and lo and behold, here comes Megan. Isn't she cute and we got that whole row done before she went home to her 3 kids(!)
So we found the garden due to these wonderful people and tomorrow we will be bringing our Spring Wild Mix with the Lambs Quarter and Wood Sorrel that has become so popular,  Purslane which we have been educating everyone is SO yummy, reminiscent of Asparagus when sautéed, crunchy and tart when used raw in salads. Seriously you have to try this... High in Omega 3 and rich in Fiber. We will have SunGolds, tomatillos, cucumbers, Sam's Salty Dills in our Walk Around the Market bag and S A L S A...Oh Yes, Chipotle is giving away 3000.00 in 10.00 tokens to the first 300 people at the market   come by and use your token to treat yourself to a bouquet of Sunflowers. don't forget to listen for the call....LEMONADE...ICE COLD LEMONADE.
Monday look for a blog on the grant.
God's Blessings on you and yours
Sam and Bill (Flying Solo)

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