Thursday, July 11, 2013

Small Town Life

Gerelia Reynolds June 10, 1921- July 11, 2013
I love living in a small town. I have lived in small Missouri towns most of my life. Senath, Grubville, Morse Mill, and now Beaufort. Everybody knows you, which can be a pain at times. You can't buy a soda when everyone knows you preach and grow healthy foods which holds you accountable but sometimes even that can still be pretty amazing. Normally when you take your car to the mechanic in what we call town(Union or Washington) and they close before you get a ride to pick it up, you are out of luck. Living in our small town like Beaufort, you can take your spare key and go pick up your car and come back tomorrow or if it's the weekend, Monday and pay the bill. Sometimes the bill isn't ready and John says, "come back when Ken's here, I don't know how much you owe." You drive around for a few days until your schedule and his coincide and settle up. Ahhhh.... small town life. The tiny gas station grocery in town- Voss Market will get you almost anything legal to keep you out of Wal-Mart and the Honold Hardware will fix your tiller and hold it until your husband comes home from Stupid, Texas. People will stop and help you herd your sheep even when you are purposely letting them graze the outside of the fences because they think they are helping.
Last night my gramma died. Gerelia (she hated that name)Reynolds. While taking some help home, the owner of the new BBQ stand flagged me down. I pulled up and she handed me a freshly smoked chicken and a bag containing some fruit and a dessert so I wouldn't have to cook after being up all night. I walked into Voss and one of the girls came out from behind the counter to hug me. I didn't even know how they knew until I got back home. A text came in from Leslie Church- "How can we help?" Small Town Life. They had better watch it or I will have them all out there pulling weeds while I am gone to the funeral...don't tempt me.
Before we head out of town, we will be at Tower Grove Market with some S A L S A. Come by and pick up a bag of "walk around the market, Sam's Salty Dills"-refrigerator dill pickles in a handy snack bag. Hopefully we will have SunGolds, cucumbers and Listen for the call....Lemonade....Ice COLD Lemonade. ...

God's Blessings on you and yours


Sam and Bill

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