Friday, October 12, 2012

Life is Sweet....potatoes

As we touched on last week, Billy was home last weekend for our anniversary. Slated on the To Do list while he was here was digging the sweet potatoes. Earlier in the season, we had partnered w/Vicki Lander of Flower Hill Farm to order organic sweet potato slips from a University. We waited and we waited and....we waited. Finally they were shipped to us on the 9th of July and went into the ground on the 10th. This of course was really pushing it to get them into the ground for the full 90 days required. Really they should've stayed in another 10 days or so but this was the week necessary. There had already been a light frost and the family scheduled to come help.

As usual, mom was on hand(although you don't see her pictured), Brother in law Merle, his 2 kids Wayne and Becca, nieces, Anne and Andrea. While we got some decent size potatoes, over and over again jokes were made about carrots as this was the size of many of the potatoes. They came up easily as they were in a raised bed constructed by Billy, the tractor and Route 66 Organic Compost. All in all we probably garnered around 75 lbs of saleable Beauregard Sweet potatoes and probably another 20 that the family will consume. Grown from from organic slips, Certified Naturally Grown and hand weeded by Bill. All of this of course means that there were no chemicals involved in any part of the process.
The Summer Market Season is drawing to a close. Come see us at Tower Grove tomorrow in front of the pavilion. We will have many varieties of Cherry tomatoes including Sungolds, Sam's Famous Salsa is still around this week. Don't forget about Cherry Seranno Pepper Jelly for your Holiday appetizers or glazes. It's supposed to be 80 degrees tomorrow so listen for the call of ....
L E M O N A D E. . .
God's Blessings on you and yours.
Sam and Bill
He that tills the earth shall be satisfied w/bread. Proverbs

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