Friday, August 3, 2012

Heatwave and....drying out

Well here it is again, Getting Ready for Market Day. Pictured here are 5 varieties of "just pop 'em in  your mouth" tomatoes. Three varieties are heirlooms. Featured left to right are the Sungolds, then a fairly new variety on the market place, Indigo Rose. This tomato is known for Anthocyanins, powerful anti-oxidants and are described as having "plummy" overtones. Next we have a basket of Black Plum tomatoes mixed w/Chocolate Cherries and finally on the far right are Principe Borghese. All three of these are Heirlooms. Currently we are drying any extra Sungolds, Black Plums and Principe Borgheses for the Winter Markets. They are being rolled in olive oil and Sea Salt ...mmmmm. Yummy. A few years ago we were given a grant by Slow Foods St. Louis to try and put this very product on the market. Heirloom Dried tomatoes. We had a little success the 1st year but should have plenty this year. The Principe Borghese is just made for drying and the richness of the Black Plum is not to be believed. Can't wait to introduce these to the public.

A surprise this week is that the Concord Grapes are ready!.

This is about 3 weeks earlier than I ever remember them. You will see these at the market too. Will probably have them this week and next.

Everyone will be glad to see that Bill is back at the market for the next 3 weeks. Look for us at Tower Grove Farmers Market and Bazaar with our Cherry Serrano Pepper Jelly, and Fresh Salsa.
 To find us, listen for the call of.....


TTFN and God Bless

Sam And Bill

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