Friday, August 17, 2012

Happily...Slowing down

The heatwave repercussions of  July have finally caught up with us. The bees took a break as the blossoms fell off of the tomatoes, tomatillos and cucumbers. So now weeks later, harvest of all of these things has slowed down. The blooms and the bees are back but it will take a bit of time to catch back up again. Will probably have a resurgence late in September.

Meanwhile....Billy has been putting in a mini raised bed in the north side of the greenhouse. We hope to use this to raise some things in the winter months. That's Route 66 organic compost you see behind the blocks. We will go one level higher w/the retaining wall.

This week we received some good news about the
medical issues that I have been dealing with which is the reason that I titled the post "Happily".
By God's grace, we have a good report of remission.

Tomorrow is Market day again at Tower Grove. Again we are bringing the Principe Borghese and Indigo Rose Tomatoes which have proven so popular. Lemon Cucumbers, Black Plum, Chocolate Cherry and Sungold tomatoes. Our ever in demand Cherry Serrano Pepper Jelly, Fresh Famous Salsa, Organic Green Tea with Jasmine and Local Double Star Farms Honey will be there and don't forget your Lemonade...Ice Cold Lemonade.

God Bless,

Sam and Bill

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