Friday, March 9, 2012

Spring forward...unless we fall back

It certainly has been nice lately. A little cool today but brilliantly sunny. I've been meaning to get some pics of what is going on in the greenhouse but haven't gotten around to it yet so here is another lambie pic that you will just have to put up with. This is another taken by Jack Oglander Vicki Lander's(formerly of Earth Dance) hubby. There is a great one that I have of Vic and little lamb hooves but she won't let me post it. But speaking of the greenhouse, we have lots of stuff popping out in the germination box; Amish Paste tomatoes, Pink Girls, Mortgage Lifter, Green Zebra's, Black From Tula, Rutgers, Black Plums, Early Girls and even some Paul Robeson's. For some reason the Golden California Wonders are taking their sweet time popping up. Next week-end we will be starting even more varieties. Caro Rich which is extra high in Beta Carotene, Azoychka Russian, a beautiful lemon yellow heirloom w/a green crown, Lemon Boy's, one of the few hybrids that I love and Caspian Pink. I'm gonna try Black Sea Man again just because I love the flavor. Double Star Farms had some good luck w/them a few years ago.
I noticed today that the apricot tree is about to burst into bloom, but as of yet we have no asparagus. It was safe to turn the sheep out into the field today w/out worrying about them snapping it up. Next week I hear that we are to be in the upper 70's which should bring it out. Now lets not forget folks that we have had snow on or around St. Patty's day 3 out of the last 4 years. So there's still time for a set back. I'll probably be out there w/a sheet covering up the apricot in a couple of weeks.

Tomorrow we will be at St.John's Episcopal church on Arsenal. No lamb this time but we will have some for Easter. One leg is already sold so contact me quickly if you want the other one. See You tomorrow.


Sam and Bill

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