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HELP!....on Farm

Pic taken by Jack Oglander to depict how the chickens are taller than the lambs when they are first born.
This lamb is one day old.

We've been trying to let as many people know as possible that we are looking for an Apprentice/Intern to help out and hopefully garner some knowledge, produce and a little cash this season. I need someone to work about 6 hours 3 days a week which would include loading the van on Friday and go w/me to Tower Grove Market on Saturdays for a total of 4 days. Right now the idea would be to be off on Sunday, Monday and Tuesday. However most points are negotiable except the going to Market issue. We would even be a person who wasn't interested in being an intern but simply looking to work a couple of days a week and going to market w/me on Saturday. This would pay more hourly than an intern as it wouldn't include all the same perks as an intern.
Here is the job description.

Sunflower Savannah Farm is seeking Intern/Apprentice
Sam Wiseman, a female Specialty Crop Farmer, is looking for an intern/apprentice to work at the Sunflower Savannah Farm in Beaufort MO (approximately one hour west of St. Louis).

The farm is Certified Naturally Grown, a grassroots program using the same strictures as USDA Organic but not government-run.

We are sustainable in that everything on the farm has a purpose and returns to the earth in one way or another.

We use a lot of recycled products to build and maintain structures around the farm.

Sam currently runs the farm w/a little help from her husband Bill and her Farm girls.

Bill currently works in Dallas and is home about once a month.

The farm has been in production for about 11 years, most of that time selling its bounty at area farmers markets. With 30+ years of gardening experience, Sam helped start several area farmers markets.

In 2002 Sunflower Savannah farm participated in the Washington MO Farmers Market and in 2003 the farm was invited to join the Maplewood Schlafly Market as well as the Tower Grove Market.

During this time we were involved mainly in Floriculture and value added products.

The farm was known as Sunflower Savannah- A Cut Flower Farm.

While the farm still produces Cut flowers, it has branched out to include specialties of Heirloom tomato plants, heirloom tomatoes and tomatillos.

Now the Farm is Sunflower Savannah- A Specialty Crop Farm.

There is an asparagus bed and recently added rhubarb. We do some wild crafting w/wild plums, gooseberries and Perilla (an Asian wild basil).

There is also a small fruit orchard.

Some of our jams have been featured in Sauce magazine. We sell Lemonade and Organic Tea at the markets. Last year our Lemonade was voted "Best Lemonade in St. Louis" by Riverfront Times and

Sunflower Savannah's Crop Mob headlined the front page of the St. Louis Post Dispatch in April 2010.

On site is a greenhouse which is used to start our seedlings and grow lemongrass. Currently we are trying to grow our own citrus with some success.

View the farm's website: and Sam's blog:

Position description:

We are looking for someone to work Saturday Market at Tower Grove.

Ideally meeting on Wednesday.

The intern/apprentice would then be provided transportation to the farm and work 6+/- hours on Wednesday, Thursday and Friday with whatever farm work is needed: weeding, harvesting, planting, etc.

As we raise sheep for pasture, lamb for meat, ducks and chickens for eggs, there will be some work w/the animals, such as feeding or moving pastures or help w/worming.

Very little time would go into this however. Starting times will depend on how warm or cool it is, later when very cool, earlier when hot. We will talk about it week to week.

When it is hot we take breaks and swim in a very clean lake on property to cool off.

Sometimes when Bill is home, farm maintenance will be on schedule.

Knowledge of farm equipment is not a must but of course is helpful.

Friday would include loading our vehicle for the Tower Grove Saturday market.

Saturday we would leave around 5:40 a.m. Market ends at 12:30 and again about a half hour for loading. A meal will be provided either at the market or on the way home which ever you prefer.

Loading up after market on Saturday, intern/apprentice would be dropped off at their vehicle or home, whichever is most convenient.

Additional requirements:

Ability to work in all kinds of weather, including extreme heat.


Strong back and good physical condition

Good attitude and sense of humor!

Able to take direction and give suggestions

Intern/apprentice will be entitled to:

400.00 a month stipend

Fresh produce

Training in planting, raised beds, floraculture, animal husbandry, heirloom tomato crops, natural insect control and marketing skills.

Swimming and sunbathing privileges at lake.

If person does not wish to stay over, they may bring their own vehicle and leave after duties are finished.

Smoker is okay but there is no smoking in or near the greenhouse or garden and not in the house. Time taken for this will not be part of work time designated.

We would need to meet ahead of time to see if we mesh personality-wise.

Position would tentatively start April 7th, 2012 and a commitment to the end of the season (Oct 31)

Please tell everyone you know if you can't do it yourself. You never know when the right person will know someone who is.


Sam and Bill

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