Monday, April 19, 2010

More than Ideas Hatching Around Here...

So during the Crop Mob everyone was walking around this goose who was sitting on a nest of 4 eggs. Her mate the gander was stalking around threatening and blowing smoke. On Sunday this little cutie made a debut.

The mom stayed on the nest all day yesterday and took a short walk today but still seems interested in sitting on the nest.So I am hoping
for some more babies. Here is the dad taking Jr(although hoping for a girl goosy)for a walk while mom does nest duty....
Interesting, I have never seen a guy take initiative like this...

After some investigation I have found at least 2 ducks on nests and I am pretty sure that there is a 3rd but I haven't found her nest yet.

Tomorrow, Gina and I will be at Schlafly Microbrewery for The Maplewood Farmers Market. We will be bringing 20+ varieties of tomatoes, lettuce mix and radishes. I say 20+ because although I wrote them down, I'm sure that I forgot something. These are the varieties that we are bringing; Crimson Cushion, Pink Girl, Ponderosa Pink, Black From Tula, Celebrity(limited), Rutgers, Green Grape, Green Zebra, Pink Oxheart, Missouri Pink Love Apple, Moonglow, Plum Lemon, Costelulo Genovese(limited)Pink Stuffer, Amish Paste, Black Brandywine, Golden Jubilee, Early Bird Red, Violet Jasper, Thai Red Turtle Egg, Mortgage Lifter(limited) and Green Topaz and 3 Spoon cherries. We will have limited Lemon cucumber and broccoli sets.

In our lettuce mix is Ruby Red, Salad Bowl Green, Black Seeded Simpson, Buttercrunch, Salad Bowl Red, Paris White Cos, Royal Oak Leaf, Curly Cress, Little Caeser, Lollo Rosso a little Mizuna and something pretty and red splotched that neither of us know what it is.

Now next week we will be adding Purple Carbon, Paul Robeson, Plum Tigris tomatoes. There will be more Mortgage Lifters.

See you tomorrow! 4-7 p.m. at 7260 Southwest Ave, St Louis


Sam, Bill and

Gina, new Sunflower Savannah Farm Manager

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