Tuesday, March 10, 2009


Okay, so everyone is wondering about the llama.
We picked her up on Sunday(hence the Sunday posting)and I have to say, for once EVEN I was a little intimidated. She is a year and a half old so there is still time to grow. We are debating on the name. She is to be a guardian for the sheep. I want to call her Willow...and Billy wants to call her Sunny for Sunflower. Both are good names but she just looks more willowy to me. He's pretty adamant so probably he will get his way, but not w/out some regret. The fact that I am rejecting anything to do w/sunflowers should say how strongly that I feel about this. Wendy says we should call her Sunny Willow....way to take a stand Wendy.
Here I am again talking about the animals but not about the crops again. SO just let me say that I was in the greenhouse today, planting more tomatoes and I was also working outside on the raised beds. I am waiting to hear the results from a Slow Foods grant application for a Heirloom tomato project.
Safe to say, even w/out the grant, there will be plenty of Heirlooms around here.
And the Sunny, Willowy llama is eating out of our hands.

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