Sunday, March 8, 2009

A Day on the Farm

It probably seems that we do nothing around here but wait for lambs to be born. I guess that's because that's what I am most excited about lately. We're doing plenty of other stuff but most of it just seems so part of the daily routine that I try not to bore anyone. Really we stay extremely busy. There are just the 2 of us, my lovely husband Billy and I. He brings home the regular bacon and the farm provides the lettuce and tomatoes. So every project that needs to be finished is a product of our energy alone. Sometimes we can afford an extra hand one day a week but mostly those hands are to keep the house clean so I can be outside. Right now we are working on raised beds for the flowers. These beds go all the way around the garden and I recently much Billy's consternation came up w/the brilliant (tongue in cheek) idea of raised beds around 2 sides of the greenhouse. My thought process on this is kinda like the earth house concept...the dirt in the beds will insulate the South and West side walls. Still it takes time and filler.
We've lucked into a source of pig manure that is so well rotted that it is like dirt. So Friday and Saturday, I unloaded 2 trailers full...probably about 4 yards each and we went and picked up another to work on through the week. While I was doing this, Billy fixed a barnyard gate.
In between the projects, is daily life, meals, laundry and just basic every year getting ready for Market season stuff. Like the 1000's of tomatoes planted, both to sell plants at Market and for planting ourselves in the field. Those have to be sown and then watered everyday. Heat must be added when the temps drop too far below freezing.
The sheep must be moved in and out of shelters everyday and everyone must be watered, fed and eggs must be gathered. The ewes are checked by both of us several times a day. Seed is ordered and Organic sources of these tracked down. This blog is updated and pictures must be taken and downloaded for this. Soon it will be planting time and while that is going on, the Market season begins and new and creative ideas must be born. Sometime during all of this, we both must rest, eat and give thanks to our Creator for all that we have including the abilities it takes to do this.

I consider myself blessed to be able to walk out into the sunshine and earn my keep. The only thing that I don't have is enough hours in the day.

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greg said...

That is a wonderful story sure the good lord finds favor within your life.