Friday, February 20, 2009

Weather...OH Bother.....

Yesterday, I was ALL excited.... Yahoo weather stated in the 50's after Saturday until next week! I was FINALLY going to get that load of compost that has been frozen on my trailer, OFF. I was going to reset some of my strawberries after the uplifting lectures we got at the conference on Wednesday. I didn't have to worry about the tomatoes in the greenhouse freezing until next week and by then, WHO KNOWS, maybe it would be Spring...I know, naive. But how would I get the taxes done and get to work outside? Now today we are back to promises of 30 degree weather, rain, snow for another week. You know, I really rather would not have my hopes raised than to fall down again. SO I am back to transplanting in the basement, and I guess that I can get my taxes done after all.

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