Wednesday, February 25, 2009

And arriving THIS week

Just yesterday (while I was not here of course) my ewe Iris lambed twins. I had been waiting for her all day but apparrently she was waiting for ME to LEAVE. The lambs are dumb ol' boys but very cute. As you can see by the "747's" in the background, we will have many other opportunities for ewe lambs. We have 9 more ewes due any minute and 3 that will be awhile yet. I always pray for girls that way I don't have to worry about what happens to them. Ewes aren't eaten, they are used for breeding but you only need one ram per flock. After they've done their jobs, you don't really need them anymore. We usually have a ram or 2 on the place and mostly we have paid for it. All but one that we've had has gotten ornery and we find ourselves picking those same selves up off of the ground. SO we had to start finding something to do w/those that we couldn't trust. Evelyn Hansen says it best , " Be nice or Be tasty." So that's basically the new motto. No worries right now as these babies are as sweet as can be and we have fun waiting for them. Join us for our next addition at any minute.

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