Thursday, July 26, 2018

Running Hard

Look Closely 
Market List: Grass Fed Lamb, Tomatillos, Tomatoes, Walking Onions, Swiss Chard, Purslane, Grass Fed Lamb, Free Range, Non GMO Chicken Eggs and Mars Table Grapes

This is the time of year that I say every week, "I'm staying home from Market this week and getting some stuff done, I need to plant, I need to weed, the garlic must be harvested and I can get a lot done in the 2 days that Market takes up and I'm tired" - then I go to Market. 
For one thing, every week, I make promises to some customer or another about something they want or are going to buy the next time they come to Market. Last week it was Gayle and her eggs, this week it's the last of the grapes and lamb that someone wants and the new guy I'm training. I want to keep him used to being there. In any case, I'm glad when I finally get there and you are all happy to see me. It makes it worthwhile to crawl out of bed at 5 a.m. btw I am
a Night Owl and not a Lark.

We have gotten a lot done the last 2 weeks. We've had a volunteer named Jasmine who is from China by way of Georgia. Interestingly enough, She was born in China and adopted by a Georgia female farmer who I became friends with on a Homesteading message board. She has been here for 10 days and is a little workhorse. Its an arrangement like Wwoofing. I give her food and a place to stay and an awesome lake to swim in and she helps out. With some people, this arrangement is taken lightly. With this girl it is not. While she has been here, we have gotten almost the entire garden weeded, the raised beds cleaned out, I was able to harvest the Garlic, Bill built a frame for the shade cloth so that we can have shade to work in in the garden and some of the plants a break from the intense sun. She helped set it up and Bill's sister came over and together they got the cloth over the frame which is no easy feat. Jasmine filled beds with compost, pulled out gigantic sunflowers that were blocking the pathway and the light, drove fence posts for tomatillo netting, helped put the tomatillos in the netting, watered animals, moved feed, she is a little dynamo.
We also had another volunteer last Saturday while I was at the Market, A Wwoofer came out for the day and they cleaned out a huge section that was overgrown with Lambsquarter. So much space to plant Lemon Cucumbers.

It's been so dry here. Finally today, we got some rain. But last week, I turned the sheep out into the sunflowers just so they could eat something besides dirt. Seriously, they were coming in with dirty noses from eating so close to the ground. The sunflowers had finished blooming but either way, there was nothing else for them to eat.

Another cool Saturday. Hopefully it will only rain at the farms and not at Market.

God's blessings on you and yours,


Sam, Bill and Jasmine

Tomatillo Volunteers

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