Thursday, March 8, 2018

Last Winter Market

           Tower Grove Market @
The Montessori City Garden - March 10th
          1618 Tower Grove Ave.
                             Market List;
Chicken and Slow Food Cayuga Duck eggs, Pear Butter, Smoked Tomatillo Salsa and
3 kinds of Granola and Spinach
Don't forget, our ducks and chickens are fed with locally grown, Non GMO food, 
Milled and Grown by Meadowlark Farm be well

Hard to believe that after this Winter Market, in 4 weekends, we will be back in full time 2018 Season. What with illnesses and conferences, it seems like we should definitely have more time. Still we have many things planted already. There were so many requests for Arugula that we planted several raised beds with it, also Mesclun, that sweet and spicy mix of lettuces that we all love.

Of course, I already have about 30 varieties of tomatoes going in the greenhouse for Spring Market sales, with more still to plant. Holy and Genovese Basil as well as Red Freddy will be available as herb starts, along with Thyme and Italian Parsley. Our new varieties of tomatoes include, Black Zebra, Snow Fairy and Tappy's heritage.

We're lambing again, so far 6 on the ground but we lost one due to a breech delivery last week. We have 9 more ewes getting ready to lamb at any moment.

We'll see you Saturday at the Montessori School. 

God's Blessings on you and yours, 


Sam and Bill

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