Thursday, January 11, 2018

Eggs and Cold

Market List; Non GMO Chicken Eggs, Grass Fed Lamb, Missouri Pecans.
So sorry, no Chard. It was not happy with -11 degrees. It's still alive but it is not pretty.

 This week I have been pulling stuff out of the freezer and canning up a storm;
Smoked Tomatillo Salsa, Blue Strawberry Preserves, Blackberry Watermelon Marmalade an Garlicky Chili Sauce(probably the best that I have ever made).

Holy cow, the chickens have been laying like crazy! We gave away eggs in our Christmas baskets,
sold eggs at church and Billy's job, ate quiches, omelets, and eggs anyway you can think of but we still will have about 40 dozen to bring to market and none of them are over a week old. We are getting between 35 and 49 eggs everyday. The ducks were not happy with that cold snap though and we had to take their light as with all the heated water items going, we were throwing breakers. They have the light from the room the chickens go at night and a window but it's not enough to encourage them to lay as the days are so short. They stopped for a bit a few days ago. I'm sure that they will start soon with these 3 gorgeous days that we have enjoyed. The thing about having livestock is that any day that it is over 33, you are a happy camper. Speaking of that, everyone wonders why our chickens are laying so great. We have a light in their night enclosure, heated water and dry bedding. Comfy chickens are productive chickens. When the days are below zero, they have free run of the barn but they don't go outside. They wouldn't anyway if there is a cozy barn with food and warmed water. So we keep the barn more comfortable on those times by keeping the exterior doors closed. As soon as it warms up a bit, they are out running around getting into trouble as they are today and most days. The dogs have a doggie door so they can go in and out. They don't really mind the cold. In fact, I see them laying on the ice quite often.

This week we have a volunteer, my longtime friend Jeff is here helping out. This is he and Bill breaking down the tomato fences in the garden. Long overdue, so glad to get some help.

I will be representing Certified Naturally Grown at the Sustainable Ag conference on Jan 21 in Chattanooga so we will not be doing Eureka Farmer Market this month, EXCITING News though, I will be teaching a class on Shepherding at the Missouri Organic Association on February 1st. I can't wait to share my tips on Sheep Care with like minded people.

That's about it. Hoping to see you all at the Montessori City Garden on Saturday for the Tower Grove Farmers Market.

Cloud in the barn

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