Wednesday, November 22, 2017

MidTown Farmers Market Thanksgiving Weekend

High tunnel Pic from Monday

Market List; Grass Fed Lamb, Tomatoes, Missouri Pecans, Salad Mix, Swiss Chard and  Egyptian Walking Onions.

This weekend we have been invited to join the MidTown Market on the Delmar Loop. Deb Henderson, Market manager has invited us many times but I was always committed to Schlafly and Tower Grove. Now that we are no longer doing Schlafly, I am free to join them. The market runs from 9-1:30.
The address is 6655 Delmar Blvd.  This is a Holiday Market on one of the busiest shopping weekends of the year. Instead of going to the Mall, come out and spend your dollars locally. For 5 -8.00, you can find a unique and Space Saving Holiday gift of Blueberry, Black and Blueberry or Cherry Serrano Pepper Jelly, Pear Butter from pesticide free pears, Smoked Tomatillo Salsa or for that Spice Lover in your life, Garlicky Chili Sauce, Pickled Hot Peppers or Spicy Pickles. A little more can get you a bag of Local Pecans. None of these items will clutter up anything but your loved ones tummy. 

So this Winter's projects include FINALLY getting some serious work done on our barn. Many of you followed the progress of our Pyrenees Pups. Two of them went to some local farmer friends of ours who train horses. One of the pups were bartered for a load of this rough sawn barn wood. This particular farmer couple are tearing down a old farm house and these lovely boards were taken from the inner walls and most likely milled here in Beaufort at the lumber yard that was here until about 30 years ago. Rough Sawn Oak is like Concrete, these boards still look pristine and the house dates 1906.

Our barn looks pretty rough but does the job. The interior and foundational things like beams etc. are stable but the exterior needs some serious TLC.

When we first moved to the farm, we acquired some Clapboard at an Auction and closed the spots with the most open walls from the inside. We have been saving boards that we have gotten from here and there until we could get enough to do the outside. To keep the animals comfortable, we hang tarps inside every Fall and have heated buckets for water. It's a pain but it works. Finally we will be able to restore it to some of it's grandeur. The battered sunflowers seen here were gotten at an auction when Gilberg Perennials closed their doors. They looked pretty cool when we put them up but have taken a beating since, total wind tunnel up the drive in front of the barn. Last winter we installed windows in all of the casings from again, salvaged materials.

So hopefully everyone is planning a family yet fun filled Thanksgiving. We have acquired a local suckling pig and have about 20 people coming. Friday we are picking up 3 Rivers chickens as they are not equipped to over winter them ...and we need chickens Lol. So soon we will be having more eggs. Amy feeds Non GMO feed as we do so no need to worry about that.
Unfortunately it looks as if all of our roasting ducks are sold. The last 2 were reserved by Kitchen Kulture for their New Years dinner. We have a couple of possible young ducks who's voices and plumage have not been identified but it's iffy, so that's probably all for this year.

Hopefully we will see you out and about at the MidTown Market at the Loop Saturday.

God's blessings on you and yours,


Bill and Sam

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