Thursday, September 7, 2017

It's not Really Fall

                                 Market List:
Grass Fed Lamb, Tomatillos,
Lemon AND
Pickling Cucumbers, 
Slicing Tomatoes, Rainbow Cherry Mix Tomatoes, SuperFood Salad Mix,
Egyptian Walking Onions, 
Refrigerator Dills and Salsa

It's been pretty nippy and I can't believe that I'm actually wearing a sweater. Of course I've still been swimming almost everyday but ...maybe that's why I need the sweater. Still this unseasonably cool weather has brought out some of the more bothersome insects such as aphids and White Fly sucking the life out of the tomato blossoms, just like for no particular reason the house flies have a last hurrah when the temps are like this. 

We will have some tomatoes this week, probably about as many as last. So if you didn't get any, send me an email and we'll try and hold some back for you. The cool nights really slow the ripening down but the cucumbers are finally coming in, it's a constant battle with the cucumber beetles, thrips and squash bugs but I've been staying on top of it and they are finally doing well. 

The pups are finally waking up and getting acquainted with the other livestock.
They've been in the barnyard most of the week and today they went into the field with everybody running in and out. I posted some video on Instagram of them playing investigating the ducks playing in the water and sheep walking up to check them out. We are on Instagram as SunflowerSavannahFarm. On the weekend we try and open it up to the public and the rest of the week it's on Private. So if you want to Follow us, I usually post different pics of our farm life everyday. If it's on Private, just hit me up with a request.

So another cool weekend at the Market. The hurricane I think is responsible for some of the weird weather. Rayven and Jade's mom was deployed this week to help out with the disaster in Texas. Generally we get rain along with the hurricanes when they move out but so far, just a few drops. It detoured around us and hit Indiana as well as Kentucky. We'll see you Saturday.

God's Blessings on you and yours,


Sam and Bill and the Pups

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