Thursday, August 3, 2017

Eclipse on the Farm

Market List- Tomatoes; Pork Chop,
Vintage Wine, Bradley, Cherokee Chocolate, Sara Black, Black from Tula, Paul Robeson, Early Girl, Lemon Boy, Amish Paste, Blue Beauty and Rainbow Cherry Tomato Mix
Purslane, Wood Sorrel, Lemon Cucumbers, Tomatillos and Sunflower Bouquets

So the tomatoes and tomatillos are coming thick and fast although we still don't have all of the varieties yet. I am pretty excited though.

It's pretty quiet here, Jade hardly talks at all. I'm making her sit here and talk to me now while I write this blog. Soon though it will be exciting again. More Wwoofers are coming and on the 21st of August we are having another Farm event. You can probably guess what it is- we're having a Solar Eclipse Siesta ! Tickets can be purchased at Brown Paper tickets and here is the link . There are only 100 tickets available. Come by the carload or on your own, it's all the same, of course it works out cheaper if you bring others with you. We would love to see some of our Market regulars here on the farm for this momentous occasion.

It's been such a relief for the heat to have let off for a bit. Tomatoes ripen a little slower but we can take our time in the morning in the garden with out worrying about boiling our brains. It feels like fall a bit and it's crazy to be planning our cool weather crops again, but there it is...time flying again, did you see it go by?  

We'll see you Saturday at Tower Grove and hopefully here for the Eclipse. 

God's blessings on you and yours, 


Sam, Bill and Jade...quietly

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