Thursday, July 20, 2017

Really Quiet around here

Market list: Bright Lights Swiss Chard, Purslane, Wood Sorrel, Onions, Slow Food Non GMO eggs, Salsa, Refrigerator Dills and Pickled Eggs.
We are out of lamb for a bit.

So we bid a fond Hasta la vista to Ruth and Roxy on Saturday night. It was amazing how close we all felt to each other after such a short time. They are welcome back here anytime. In fact, there are tentative plans for when they make their way back home next year to make this their last stop. We'll see. They have much excitement ahead of them. In any case, they are in our hearts and we are better for having known them. It looks like Rayven will be flying the coop this weekend too, to be replaced by her sister Jade. So it will really seem low key again. She's been here for 7 weeks so it will be really weird not to see her around every corner.

 So we've crossed that line. Tentatively we are getting enough tomatoes for ourselves and salsa, with few to sell this week.  This is a hard line for us to cross, we eat so many tomatoes that it's really hard to get there but we made it. This on the left is our first Paul Robeson of the season. I was dancing around when we got it saying that it was the best tomato ever, my favorite and
Rayven was just "yeah, yeah", until she tasted it, and unprompted, she said, " that IS a good tomato". I know, right? It's not perfect but I was really glad it wasn't so I had an excuse to eat it.

    Paul Robeson 2017                                                Sara Black, Pantano Romanesco and Moscovich 2017  


The tomatillos are finally making and the cucumbers. 
Saturday will be a 103 without the heat index. We will have drinks at our usual low price. Beat the heat at our stand with St. Louis' best Lemonade and Green Tea with Jasmine. They are a a part of the Tower Grove Farmers Market tradition. We literally have watched children grow up drinking our lemonade every weekend for the last 12 years. 
So dress cool and we will see you Saturday. 

God's Blessings on you and yours, 


Sam, Bill and Rayven(missing Rox and Ruth) 

Nigella upon ref

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