Thursday, May 18, 2017

Gearing Up

Market List- Super Food Salad Mix, Scallions, Egyptian Walking Onions, Lettuce, Radishes, Slow Food Cayuga Duck Eggs and Tomato Plants  
We WILL have lamb next week.

Tomatoes for the 2017 Growing Season

Mortgage Lifter, Paul Robeson. Moscovitch, Lemon Boy, Early Girl, Striped German, Yellow Topaz. Black Brandywine, Pink Girl, Hungarian Heart, Arkansas Traveler, Purple Carbon, Pork Chop, Sara Black, Sugar Plum, Chocolate Cherry,

Amish Paste, Black From Tula, Cherokee Purple, Golden Jubilee, Gold Metal, Sweet Carneros, Barry's Crazy Cherry, Green Zebra, SunSugar, Caspian, Black Trifele, Vintage Wine, Plum Lemon and Yellow Pear.

This week was packed full of projects. Colette and James are still here until Sunday. We finished the asparagus bed, put up fences, planted almost 3 hundred tomatoes, put down plastic for weed protection, Rusty seeded the fields again for the Slow Food Grant project, reorganized and weeded the Greenhouse, planted Strawberries, potatoes and chased the sheep.
I've fallen into bed early everyday this week exhausted but exhilarated.

Here in the picture below are James and Colette planting Strawberries in between the raspberries. A permaculture experiment on weed control.

Planting Strawberries

On July 2nd, Slow Food is planning a farm tour between Vicki Lander's Flower Hill, Randy and Holly's Rosy Buck Farm and here. Details are still being hammered out but mark your calendar.

So, it's supposed to rain tomorrow and Saturday but it looks like we will have a clearing window between 9 and noon so don't forget us.

God's Blessings on you and yours,


Sam, Bill, James and Colette

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