Wednesday, June 17, 2015

Can You Believe it has Been 10 Years?!

Saturday 10th Year Market Anniversary Celebration!
8 a.m.-5 p.m. 3 Live Bands, Beer from Chestnut Brewery

Market List~
Salsa! Sam's Famous Salsa First time this year
Grass Fed lamb- No explanations necessary
Super Food Salad Mix- Baby Kale, Lettuce, Lambs Quarter, Wood Sorrel, Beet, Radish Flower, Pea Blossoms and Purslane
Sautee' or Stir Fry Mix- Kale, Lambs Quarter, Red Mustard, Watermelon Radish Greens, Chard and Purslane-similar ingredients but larger for cooking
Basil- Yummy Genovese Basil
Bouquets-We are cutting the first Sunflowers of the season and pairing them with Red Hot Pokers and Sweet Annie
Non GMO - Slow Food Cayuga Duck Eggs
Don't forget, all our stuff is Certified Naturally Grown and Pesticide Free.

It's been a productive week. We took the market off last week because of some personal issues and used the time to plant.
I couldn't stand to waste the shallot greens so I have been working on a dipping oil for bread and I used the last of the Watermelon rind in the freezer to make a Chipotle Marmalade. Intriguing, no?
The new planting technique is doing amazingly well especially with all this rain. Here are a couple of the beds planted and filled out.
Saturday we will have our 10 year Anniversary at the market. We will be there from 8-5. Lots of extra vendors and Chestnut Brewery has brewed a special beer made with local cornmeal specially for the Market Anniversary.
Sunflower Savannah has a promotional addition ourselves. There will be available at our stand, for purchase, a cup with our logo as well as the Market's. Buy the cup for 3.00 filled
 with the best Lemonade in St. Louis and for the rest of the season, get 1.00 refills and .50 from each cup goes to the market for fundraising.
Don't forget that you can come to the market all day...bring friends and listen to music.
So I guess that's it folks,
God's Blessings on you and Yours

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