Wednesday, January 21, 2015

Paris in Beaufort

Saturday's Market at 7260 Southwest Ave, Schlafly Bottleworks 8:30-12:00
Paris in Beaufort
If you read your blog posts like you're supposed to, you might remember me mentioning the Small Farm Trade Show at the Mexico, Mo Stockyards Auction. We were there for 3 days in October talking to people about the Slow Foods Ark of Taste. While we were there, we fell in love with an adorable Great Pyrenees/Anatolian Shepherd named Paris and spent a good deal of time(to no avail) trying to convince the owners to part with her. She seemed a perfect fit for us because not only had she been around every conceivable domestic animal but had been raised around all forms of livestock but was still socialized. A week ago Sunday I got a call from the Stockyards wanting to know if we still wanted her. Seemed that she had gotten too big to go through the bars of the gate at the sale barn(and there are a lot of them) and was getting bored while the kids were back at school and getting into mischief. So instead of a boring, rainy Sunday at home while Bill was in Indiana, I spent a boring, rainy Sunday driving to Mexico, Missouri (there simply is no easy way to get there from here) to pick up Paris who by the way smelled extremely of pigs. As you can see, she is a bit cleaner now and we are all adapting.
Paris and Rosa

It really was such a blessing dropped in our lap.
A couple of people commented on the post last month with the pic caption, Snow on the Pyrenees. It was of course a play on words for our beloved Pyrenees Rosa in a snowstorm. It's a great picture that I have posted frequently when it snows. Rosa has been very ill lately and we were getting very worried about not only losing her, but who would guard the flock until the puppy we are getting from Bill's cousin grows up. It takes a couple of years to make a good trustworthy guardian dog...even the best of them want to play.
As you all know, most of our animals on the farm are named after Flowers or plants or something to do with farming but Paris will stay just fits, she's kind of a fancy girl for a farm dog.

Something else we picked up in Mexico in October were a couple of ewes that we named Fern and Ivy. This is Ivy's new lamb. My friend Chrissy says her name is Jewel, when I protested that it was not a farm name she said, "isn't there a flower called Jewel...weed?" So I can't argue with that.
Ivy and Jewel...weed

At the Market on Saturday we will have duck eggs, the last of the Missouri pecans, and of course Grass Fed (big, mean,boy) lamb(Not little sweet Jewel), we have a few jars of pickles left and I made some delicious applesauce from Organic Vesterbrook Jonathans and Robin's local honey.

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Sam and Bill, Rosa, Paris and the girls

Rosa and flock

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