Friday, December 12, 2014

Christmas Markets and Other Important Slow Food Stuff

Market Venues- Saturday December 13 -Montessori School -1618 Tower Grove Ave
                           Saturday December 20- Schlafly Farmers Market -7260 Southwest Ave
Market List
LAMB- Get your Leg of Lamb or Rack of LAMB for your holiday meal. We also will have our usual chops, steak, stew meat and I think some ground.
Missouri Pecans-
Apple Chutney, Cherry Serrano Pepper Jelly, Chow Chow and Smoked Tomatillo Salsa for your holiday meal.
Ideas for gifts? REAL Antique Blue Ball Jars filled with Granola or Pecans,
Bags of Pecans or Granola, Watermelon Marmalade
Got a person to buy for who likes Spice? Garlicky Chili Sauce, Smoked Tomatillo Salsa Wild, Pickled Chili Peppers, Cherry Serrano Pepper Jelly
Decorated Jars for your convenience

So we have been working on some fencing for the last part of our Slow Foods Grant for St. Croix sheep.
Part of the grant was to improve our pastures by increasing the amount of pasture that we have in order to bring grass fed lamb more quickly to market and restaurants. The way to do that is to increase fence more of our property.
Every Spring before the grass starts to grow again and every fall when the grass dies, the sheep being natural grazers(...I mean that's what sheep do right? They graze.) start pushing over fences looking for other things or grass to eat. Inevitably they go down behind our lake and go round the spillway and end up on the side county road next to us and then all heck breaks loose. SO our plan was to fence that out to increase what is available to them to keep them off of the road. This is how much we needed to fence to keep them off of the roadside.

About a 100 ft. behind what you see to almost all the way to the top of that hill. Thanksgiving weekend the guys got all but about a hundred feet to the corner post of where our other pasture begins. They also went another 100 feet into the wood line behind our property. Bill, Rusty and Robin. They worked all day clearing brush and stretching fence.

Here are the sheep running to their new pasture(when it's done)We let them out a bit while we were working on it.
This is the new pasture
Not one of my best pics but you get the idea.
Don't forget to leave your comments on the Food Safety Modernization Act and what it means to you and
If you would like to learn more about this and most importantly comment on your right to local food, click on this link;
See you Saturday! Sunflower Savannah will be outside!
God's Blessings on you and yours,
Bill, Sam and Robin- and sometimes Rusty

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