Thursday, October 16, 2014

Week of Projects?

Bill's lesson for Harvest
Last week, my (definitely) better half was home on vacation. We always take a week this time of the year. Our anniversary and his birthday fall about this time.
I had a list of projects for us that covered both sides of the paper.
Clean out the sheep side of the barn for the asparagus bed.
Put up at least one row of fencing for the Slow Food Grant for St. Croix sheep.
Pull up the rest of the finished sunflowers
Weed the Garden
Replant Greens
Get a trailer ready to sell
Fix 2 gates,
and so on and
so forth.

Instead, there was a funeral in Arkansas, 5 solid days of rain, no way we can put up fence with the ground that wet. A family birthday party in town, Some guy kept us hanging for three days over a trailer that he wanted to buy from us, a lost Chihuahua that someone threw out of a car on our way back from the funeral.
By Thursday we gave up and stayed home....for our anniversary.

 Might as Well Ranch Chuck Roast with Silent Oak Purple Fingerling potatoes.

We also decided not to go to market...but that had nothing to do with the 4 inches of pouring rain that we had last Friday when it was 50 degrees.(A little sarcasm in case you missed that)
So in the end here's what did get done.
As always, bottom line... another year celebrated with my husband.
We did manage to pick up about 15 or so more lbs. of Muscadines at my parents place on the way back from Arkansas where the Chihuahua was tossed out.
 So be looking for some Muscadine jelly later in the season.
I put up some Smoked Tomatillo Salsa, Cherry Serrano Pepper Jelly, Salty Dills, Pickled Peppers 
and made a ton of Granola.
We seriously needed the rain and although we are a little tired of it, I still don't think the water table is quite caught up. Oh and we found a good home for the dog.
I've been doing a lot of back and forth w/Small Farm Today magazine and not only will we be doing the Slow Foods booth, but they have asked me to speak on Slow Food and the Bio diversity grants.
Set aside some time on the calendar for this event. October 23-25th.
The cool nights have slowed down the tomatoes but I still am making Famous Salsa
This Saturday, we will be at market with LOTS of Lamb, a mixture of beans,
Zinnia and Dahlia Bouquets, greens, Tomatillos and maybe some tomatoes...I've been hoarding them for just such an occasion.
Supposed to be a cool day but we will still have St. Louis's Best Lemonade.
See you there.
God's Blessings on you and yours,
Sam and Bill

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